motivation, change and response to adversity

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic motivation, change and response to adversity. A student gets flunked in his examination, and it lessens his or her interest in the studies. He or she needs the motivation to continue the studies and the parent of the student motivates the student to continue his or her study or to take interest in the studies by saying that he or she is not only the one who has failed, but there are many others as well who get failed. Similarly, if a person gets accident by driving a car, he or she will show his or her response to the accident. He or she will concentrate more on driving and will drive the car slowly. The person’s concentrating on driving or slow drive will be the response to the adversity that has happened to him or her.

In my school educational career I also “wanted to be an average student” like the character Kin Harvey in the essay named “I Just Wanna Be Average” by Mike Rose (Rose 3). Why I wanted to be an average student was the thought that to be an average student involves less hard work in the studies and be an excellent student involves much hard work in the studies. Besides this thought, the thought that human intelligence to learn different things including the lessons of the courses is natural and a person will not secure good grades or will not be an excellent student no matter how much he or she works hard. It often thought hinder in my way of studies, preventing me to work hard to secure good grades. In other words, it was in my mind that to be an average student or to be an excellent student is natural but this thought slowly diminishes when one of the teachers talked in the class about the capacity of the human mind to learn and developed. The teacher told that the students who secured good marks or who are thought to be excellent students were those who work hard and do not forget to follow their regular homework. The teacher’s lecture was a motivational factor for me because it changes the thought that the human’s mind to memorize or to understand different things is natural and the thought that a person understands what he or she wants to understand by hardworking and doing given homework regularly (Dweck 27).

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