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An EARCON is the sound your phone makes (PCs and do this too) when a particular event happens. There’s the “Swooshing” sound when you get an email for instance.

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Question 1 Have you set-up any unique EARCONS on your phone?

Question 2 Do you think mobile phone should have a different sound to the caller if your phone is busy? 

Question 3 Would you like to set-up your phone so that if persons A, B, or C (your favorite people) call you and you’re on your phone would you like them to hear something other than “beep … beep …. beep” (means your phone is busy)? 

Question 4 Would you like your favorites to hear some other message on their phone when you’re busy – like maybe a warble tone or a siren sound or something else which means “You’re my favorite person, call me back right away”?

Question 5 What role do you think EARCONs play in applications? 

Question 6 Would you like the EARCON to tell you more information than things like “Yes you got your ordering basket loaded correctly” such as maybe “What a great section of — product  ” etc.

Question 7 What innovations would you like to see in EARCONS?


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