medical informatics and decision making.

Write a 1 page paper on medical informatics and decision making. For example, inaccuracy and misreporting characterized the Chi-chi earthquake and hurricane Katrina in the US. The two instances showed the current telephone, radio and television are not reliable for communication when managing disasters (Cheng-Ming, Chan and Adnan, 2009).

Question 2: What do you believe to be the best way to communicate with staff during a major disaster?

The use of Internet Social Networking (ISN) platforms should also be implemented. “Internet social networking (ISN) or online social networking is the use of web-based technologies to provide a virtual forum for internet users however diverse and afar to communicate and share ideas and information” (Cheng-Ming, Chan and Adnan, 2009 p. 2). ISN methods such as microblogging, search engines, and social networking websites are instrumental during such emergencies.

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For example, a new platform is being designed to make it easier for communication during times when cell phones cease to work in emergencies (Tendo, 2014). The idea known as First responder Network (First Net) is to use a seamless network to allow the accessibility of first responders in emergencies (Tendo, 2014).

Question 3: If all technological means of communication fail, how would you transmit a message long distances?

The use of wireless network and applications in disaster management is highly encouraged in the modern age due to the proven failure of current disaster management emergency communication (Tendo, 2014). The failure in these network failures could be brought about by demolition of electrical and network infrastructures by walls, debris or even water. In case all technological means of communication fail, it will be necessary to use alternate means to convey messages long distances, for example, by use of responders or messengers. Information will be delivered first-hand by responders to such sites. The disaster team will take action during and after the occurrence. It is also crucial to create an emergency assembly area that will allow the central transmission and reception of information from the responders.

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