Learning Goal: I’m working on a risk management project and need a sample draft

Learning Goal: I’m working on a risk management project and need a sample draft to help me learn. Research Methods – Project (1). Master in Insurance and Risk Management Course Research methods The project is to apply statistical methods in the fields of insurance and risk management, and the following is required of each student: 1) Choosing one of the research problems in the field of insurance studies and risk management, which requires a statistical analysis of its data. 2) Determining the variables of the study, and collecting data about them. 3) Choosing the appropriate model from the models of statistical methods, such as models: simplified and multiple linear regression, non-linear regression, comparison of means, analysis of variance, prediction models..etc. 4) Apply the chosen model to the problem using the available electronic software packages (Excel, SPSS, SAS, EVIEWE, R….) 5) Use PowerPoint to write the project, making sure that the presentation does not exceed 20 slides. 6) Using the Word Equation Editor to write models and equations. 7) The project must include the following points: Description of the research problem Highlighting the importance of using statistical analysis and its role in the research presented. – – research assumes. – research aims – Data used (if the data size is large, it is attached to the word. Electronic program reports (can be included in the presentation slides in the form of clear images) Analysis of electronic program reports Conclusions and recommendations. 8) 15 minutes will be set to present the completed project and then discuss it with the course doctor and the rest of the students.

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