Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing exercise and need support to help me lea

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing exercise and need support to help me learn.InstructionsFor consideration of the CVD mortality rate in the U.S., epidemiologists at the CDC want to answer the question: Is the CVD mortality rate explained (or predicted) by the variables, tobacco smoke, and exercise?Access the Social Determinants of Health and Chronic Disease data set.Obtain descriptive statistics for each variable.
Perform a correlation analysis of the variables, Tobacco smoke, Exercise, and CVD mortality rate.
Perform a multiple regression analysis following the techniques in the videos in order to answer the CDC’s research question.
Working in the new worksheet and using the Format dropdown, autofit the contents of the columns in your output sheet so that all column titles can be plainly seen; format the numbers in the cells to 2 decimal places using the Format dropdown, select Cells, select Numbers, change the number to 2.Insert a textbox into the new worksheet and answer the following questions within that textbox:Is this model significant? If yes, explain its significance. What statistic makes it significant and what are the implications of that statistic? What is the overall significance of the model? Hint: Look at the ANOVA table.
How much of the variance in CVD mortality rate is explained by this regression model? Hint: Look at the adjusted R square. What statistic indicates variance and why is that statistically significant? What are the implications of the statistic?
Which of the correlation coefficients are statistically associated with CVD mortality rate? What is the significance of the correlation? Explain the implications of the correlation.
Describe what your regression analysis tells you about the factors that explain or predict the U.S. CVD mortality rate.
Are the results of your findings supported in the literature? Provide at least 1 current peer-reviewed reference within the past 5 years to support your answer (save a PDF copy). Write 1 paragraph synthesizing your findings of this assignment with the findings of the article.
Rename the new worksheet, “Regression.”

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