Learning Goal: I’m working on a biology writing question and need support to hel

Learning Goal: I’m working on a biology writing question and need support to help me learn.Critical Thinking Assignment 3 Sam and Cyndi planned have children after three years of marriage. The time is almost at hand, and Cyndi has been thinking about the topic a lot. Across the table at dinner, Cyndi observes Sam take a bite of a beef stake. Remembering what both of them learned in Anatomy & Physiology , she tries to visualize the pathway, one of the fat molecules in the bite (which will be used to synthesize a testosterone molecule in Sam) would take. Describe the journey to be taken by this molecule, starting from while it’s still in Sam’s mouth to the end – when/where the testosterone molecule will affect a target tissue cell. Make sure you list the structures the molecule will go through at each stage of the journey For blood vessels, only mention the major ones. Note: there are many organs that the molecule has to go through (and various forms it will take)–be sure to include all. Also, there are many blood vessels involved in the pathway. Mention at least 6 of them, and make sure you include those that serve specific organs where the molecule is processed or transformed. This assignment involves a number of different body systems that are covered in the entire Human A&P course.

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