is the western influence damaging the chinese tradition.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses is the western influence damaging the chinese tradition. The efforts have not been successful as globalization has significantly the approach of the Chinese to culture and tradition. Globalization can be defined as an influence on modernity and more comfortable civilizations. Across the globe, numerous cultures and traditions have been eroded as a cause of globalization. This is based on the that the new generation is inclined to embrace change that would make society more human-friendly.

This change has increased the similarity levels of different civilizations. Muller asserts that in the 20th century, there were significant industrial similarities between America, Japan, the United Kingdom and Germany (205). The argument depicts the level at which civilizations are integrated. However, the creation of a new culture is based on the changes made in the western nations. Muller is of the assumption that the United States is a leading civilization in creating global change (205).

Regardless of the change in cultures, the world has developed positively as a result of westernization. For instance, China has developed its industrial field as per the provisions of westernization. This change has eroded the traditional culture but has increased the level of competitiveness of the country. For this reason, one may point out that western influence is not damaging Chinese tradition because it is creating a more vibrant culture in china.

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In the traditional cultural setting, the Chinese perceived socialization as a way that would surpass any other factor or activity. This created a way that would hinder economic development in the quest to create a vibrant socialization culture. The social environment also dictated the superiority of men over women significantly. The traditional Chinese woman did not have the freedom to speak or question a decision.

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