Interpretation of the Geophysical Data.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Interpretation of the Geophysical Data. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The seismic properties of both coarse and fractured materials are impacted by cementing material and the stress effectiveness when the interfaces are tangible (Knight, 2010). Although the difference in interfaces causes variations in seismic properties, they have greatly facilitated the development of new ways to reveal more information about the processes and properties of sub-surfaces. Here, it is essential to notice that the composition and size of fluid-solid interface straightly influence the interpretations and different reactions in the laboratory setting. This is subsequently responsible for causing variations in the interface’s design and size of the interface itself (Knight, 2010).

Seismic data fundamentally includes necessary information about the medium properties and geometric structure of the collected geophysical data (Brevik, 2009). Research indicates that seismic properties are commonly determined to measure and interpret the geophysical data in laboratories. The calculation of seismic properties remains the same irrespective of measurement setting, either laboratory or field scale. Velocity VIP, Compressional wave (P wave), Velocity Vs., Shear wave (The amplitudes of the elastic wave elastic waves amplitudes (Knight, 2010). Seismic properties are used to interpret geophysical data related to the exploration of minerals and petroleum. They are also found useful in depict increasing advantage for Critical Zone Studies (Knight, 2010) .&nbsp.&nbsp.

Studies indicate that researchers have to give paramount importance to seismic properties. Colon, along with some other researchers, surveyed in order to reveal the relevance of seismic properties measured at two different scales, i.e., field and laboratory. Since the experiment was conducted on a smaller scale. therefore, conventional acoustic scans were utilized. The laboratory tests were applied to two samples of limestone.

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Although the latest computer technology has increased the relevance of field scale interpretations, spatial resolution, accuracy, and precision are still very weak compared to the laboratory-based seismic measurements (Anderson-Mayes, 1998). Hence researchers are making continuous efforts to increase the efficiency of interpretational and computational techniques used in different geophysical fields.

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