Individual Preoccupation with Body Image the Psychological Perspective.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Individual Preoccupation with Body Image the Psychological Perspective. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. According to numerous studies, people who are dissatisfied with their bodies can experience low self-esteem. In a culture in which the ideal body type is difficult to obtain, people with a negative sense of self would most likely reflect these feelings of worthlessness in how they perceive their bodies. Low levels of self-esteem in addition to body dissatisfaction in both men and women have been affected by social comparisons to idealistic representations of the body as found in the media. From personal experience, in wanting to be like those models in magazines and movies, I articulated ideas about how to obtain the ideal look. There were times when it seemed impossible to achieve the desired look without partaking in unhealthy behaviors such as binge exercising, restrictive eating, or plastic surgery, which eventually regardless of the result led to low self-esteem and depressive mood. My friend and I wanted to look like models and be that sexy, but frankly speaking, we would never do anything so extreme as to hurt ourselves to get there. We would say excuses like, “I’m too lazy,” or, “There’s no way. I’m too big-boned in the hips,” and even those harmless excuses sometimes resulted in depressive mood swings and low self-esteem, and diminished feeling of self-worth. Nonetheless, a large part of this process has been unconscious. For example, in eighth grade, one of my closest friends and I did not eat breakfast and would have little more than an apple for lunch. My excuse was that I wanted to sleep as long as possible in the mornings, or I rushed to school without time for eating breakfast or making lunch.

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