In 4 to 5 pages Compose an essay about your own moral code, analyzing it in rela

In 4 to 5 pages Compose an essay about your own moral code, analyzing it in relation to the ethical theories, concepts, and writers in the book attached to the assignment. Demonstrate your knowledge of ethics and your ability to imagine aligning your personal ethical code with your career decisions, activities, and goals.Follow the format or “flow chart” detailed below.
Part One – Introduction
Begin your essay with a conventional, formal introduction. Minimally, a formal introduction should make an explicit thesis statement. (Basically, what’s this essay about? Say what you’re going to say.)
Next, include a rationale. (What justifies or explains the importance of your thesis? For example, “This is important because….”)
Finally, finish your introduction with a plan of action sentence or paragraph. This gives an overview of what’s to come.
Part Two – Body
The body of your essay is where you demonstrate your ethical intelligence. Show you’ve learned from the study of business ethics. Consider dividing the body of your essay up into various sub-sections if you want to address different points carefully and systematically.
Before giving an account of your moral code, review Chapter Two in the text so you have a handle on the three traditional approaches to ethical theory. Recall that virtue ethics focuses on the character of the moral agent; deontology focuses on principles, rules, or categorical imperatives; and teleology focuses on consequences or goals. Use that basic framework to structure your account.
What virtues do you believe to be most praiseworthy in people of good character? Which ones do you admire, aspire to, or exhibit? Define them. Explain them. Illustrate them with role models or stories. Justify why you give these virtues priority.
Be sure that your account of the virtues you subscribe to is given scholarly legitimacy and authority by being backed up by reputable research.
Explain deontological ethics. Show what you know about the importance of moral rules or categorical imperatives. Then give an account of the moral rules you follow, aspire to follow, or think, ideally, everyone should follow. Explain and defend the importance of these rules.
For inspiration, take a look at some of the mission statements and codes of conduct of business enterprises that you find admirable. You might also reflect on the unwritten or written code of conduct your family follows.
Compare/contrast your code with theirs. Explain and defend your view with reference to reputable, theoretical and/or philosophical research. You’ll find plenty of information by studying the Kantians, researching deontology, looking to various corporations’ codes of conduct, and/or religious traditions.
Begin with an account of teleological ethics. Show that you know what it is and how it judges right from wrong. Include relevant scholarly references and citations. Then, explain what you believe to be the greatest moral good worth pursuing. Is it utilitarian? Is it egoistic? Is it altruistic? Illustrate, explain and/or defend your view. Again, inform and support your view with relevant research.
Professional Applications
Now that you’ve spelled out your own moral code, envision how it will guide you in your chosen profession. Who will you be on the job? When you run into ethical dilemmas, what principles will govern your choices? In the long run, what moral outcomes will you aim for?
To flesh out this part of your essay, I’d advise you to use the case study approach. Find a moral problem or case that interests or troubles you and imagine how your moral code will guide you in managing the problem ethically, addressing the conflict in a principled and constructive way, and/or making a decision that aligns with your core values.
Part Three – Conclusion
End your essay by “saying what you’ve said.” Don’t add new information. Sum up the main points of your discussion. For example, “In the paragraphs above, I’ve reflected on… analyzed this…decided that….” When all is said and done, your essay should say what you think about the way morality informs your professional life.
please follow format, and cite all sources

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