Implementation of Utility Savings and Cost-Effective Energy Sources.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Implementation of Utility Savings and Cost-Effective Energy Sources. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Utility savings refers to the procedures put in place to reduce the energy consumption. Recently, there is an ongoing debate about the benefits of energy conservation. Due to the sudden increase in the world’s population, the demand for energy has also increased. Unfortunately, energy is an exhaustible resource whose reserves may run out. This has prompted various agencies to come up with policies that help in energy conservation. Utility conservation can be realized through the increase of efficient energy use as well as the use of other alternative forms of energy. Utility conservation results in the increased financial capital, national security and improves the environmental quality.

Currently, Venezuela is the largest supplier of oil and natural gases in the Western hemisphere. There has been an increase in the demand for this form of energy which threatens the security of this form of energy. However, there are various are various ways of conserving energy which includes the use of solar energy and appliances that help in conserving energy. A legislation on the conservation of energy will also include the adoption of building codes and tax policy that are aimed at conserving energy (Enerdata, 2010).

In the Western hemisphere, Venezuela has the second largest natural gas and the largest oil reserves. The country has largely invested in hydroelectric production which supplies the country with electrical power. It also has other sources of energy which include tar sands, crude oil as bitumen. Petroleos de Venezuela S.A is given the mandate to run as well as control the natural gas and oil reserves. The company contributes greatly to the economy through exports and providing employment for the citizens of Venezuela. However, after joining OPEC, the country has been forced to amend their energy ownership policies (Enerdata, 2010). The country heavily relies on its natural oil and gas reserves for energy production. This has led to significant oil pollution in the Caribbean coast. In the Western Hemisphere, Venezuela is the largest carbon dioxide emitter.&nbsp.

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