: Impact of Building Information Modelling Implementation on the Performance of Construction Projects.

Provide a 40 pages analysis while answering the following question: Impact of Building Information Modelling Implementation on the Performance of Construction Projects. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Most of the challenges result from poor planning and lack of coordination among the key stakeholders in the construction industry (Kazakhstan2050, 2014). Segmentation and lack of coordination in the construction industry have led to the delivery of poor quality projects and at high costs.

In order to reverse such trends, Kazakhstan will need to formulate a plan on how to improve construction project management in the country. Construction management demands stringent quality control and monitoring in order to minimize the risks (Gu and London 2010). The risks are caused by the need to manage and coordinate various stakeholders within limited time and resources (Chen and Luo 2014). The need to manage tasks and the risks involved in major projects has seen construction practitioners turn to information technology (Volk, Stengel, and Schultmann, 2014). The use of information technology is meant to enhance resource management and the sharing of information among the stakeholders (Chen and Luo 2014). The construction information technology is fast evolving due to the high demand for information to be available at various platforms, and at a high level of efficiency (Lester 2014).

Construction information may be required to be stored in the “Cloud” at one point and at another point, it is in someone’s PC, laptop, or smartphone (Irizarry, Karan, and Jalaei, 2013). This has seen the construction industry move towards digitalizing all information to allow its availability to the project teams (Miettinen and Paavola, 2014). The project team is comprised of many stakeholders such as the client, project manager, architect, engineer, contractor, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and piping) subcontractors, and many others (Lester, 2014). All the members need to be involved at all cycles of the project implementation through regular updates on the project progress (Gu and London, 2010).&nbsp.

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