Imagine you are an advisor for a mid-sized nation who has the luxury of being im

Imagine you are an advisor for a mid-sized nation who has the luxury of being immortal – so you’ve seen a lot and been around for hundreds of years but you do have to keep a job to sustain yourself. Give three events from 1500 to 2010 that would have concerned or excited you in your role as an advisor. Three examples are expected, one from each of the following time periods: 1500 – 1789; 1800 – 1899; and, 1900 – 2010. You should explain what the event was, why you find it significant, and how you would have advised your leader to respond to it.
The trick here is that you must always take the position of a power on the periphery of the “major” powers. So, you can’t be a French advisor during the French Revolution. You also should not be too vague in your example – so, “World War Two” should probably be honed down slightly.
You can be flexible in your geographic location when giving your examples, and are encouraged to use a different area for each period of time but not required to do so. [Note: I don’t want 70 essays from Belgium’s perspective.]
Focus on themes like culture, social structures, politics, economics, trade, war, diffusion of ideas, the impact of religion, technology, etc. – but do try to tie a specific event, individual, breakthrough, or development to your examples.
The purpose of this essay is to show a broad, sweeping understanding of Western Civilization. For the purpose of this essay, first-person perspective is allowed considering the nature of the prompt. Everything must be in your own words, no extensive quotes or citations should appear in your essay for this assignment. You are telling a story based on historic facts and details, not presenting a formal research paper. Failure to follow these simple directions will result in an automatic deduction of 50% credit. Working in groups or with a partner is discouraged, as this has caused incidents of “accidental” plagiarism in the past.
Be sure to use examples from the entire semester per the chronological periods given above. This means that you will have 5pts allotted to each period and a final 5pts for following directions and overall quality of essay. This is a “big picture” assignment, not a super specific list of detailed facts.
Don’t make it too general: If you say “Human migration was important” or “World War Two was monumental,” you still have to explain your statement and give an example to support your argument. The “who, what, when, where, and why” are still significant in this mix.
Answers should be approximately 500 words total (but no more than 750). Be sure to include your name at the beginning of the assignment. Papers must be submitted through the Moodle TurnitIn portal entitled “Comprehensive Essay” between 2 May 2022 at 7:00am and 7 May 2022 at 10:00pm. No late assignments will be accepted without a University-approved excuse as detailed in the syllabus. Don’t wait until the last minute to post this assignment. “My internet went out at 9:58pm” is not a university-approved excuse. If you have a job that might call you into work, try to plan ahead and complete the assignment earlier. The “due date” is not when you’re supposed to “do” the essay.
Cases of plagiarism will be turned over to the Office of Student Accountability (and usually result in a “0” for the assignment and a notation on your academic transcript). It is imperative that you know and understand the dangers of plagiarism. Your exam answers must be your own and in your own words. Cases of suspected plagiarism will be reported to the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability. I know these are trying times, but please do not give in to the temptation of shortcuts. You only end up cheating yourself in the process.
If you are afraid that paragraphs won’t transfer into the TurnitIn Portal (sometimes happens if you initially type your answer in GoogleDocs or Apple Pages), then use Roman numerals for each paragraph (I, II, III, etc.). Due to certain tech issues with uploading various file types, you’ll be required to type your response in the TurnitIn portal or paste the answer you typed in another program. Uploads are not allowed. FYI: the preview window will likely appear to wipe out your formatting, it didn’t.
TurnitIn will generate a “similarity score.” There is no magic % that equates to “no plagiarism.” If everything is in your own words, from your brain to your fingers, then you should be fine

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