I Need Help in What are at least two different differential diagnosis that you would want to rule out for Justin?2022-06-24 06:17:50

Review of Symptoms:
1) What questions would you ask to rule out other diagnosis for this patient? Please elaborate on why you would want to ask these questions to review symptoms of another diagnosis (List at least five questions to include in your review of symptoms).
Vital Signs:
-BP- 100/70
Labs/test/screening tools:
Height -55″
Weight -60 lbs.
Mental Status Exam:
2) Please write out what you would expect to see in Justin’s case regarding his mental status exam after reading the “objective” portion of this case study. Please use this formatting:
Eye contact:
Motor activity:
Thought process/Content:
Impulse control:
Working Primary Diagnosis:
3) What is your primary diagnosis for this case? Please provide all supporting information for this diagnosis. Please explain your rationale for your primary diagnosis including all the criteria that were met for his diagnosis and why this aligned with the DSM 5 criteria
Differential Diagnosis:
4) What are at least two different differential diagnosis that you would want to rule out for Justin?
Treatment Plan:
5) What would be an appropriate assessment tool to utilize for identifying progress and symptoms for Justin’s illness?
6) What class of medication would you consider starting to target Justin’s primary symptoms?
Follow up:
-Follow up in 4-6 weeks or sooner if needed.
Clinical Pearls:
-It is always important to ask about any cardiac conditions in the patient or family when you are diagnosing someone with ADHD because stimulant medication can cause cardiac abnormalities and have a black box warning for sudden death and adverse cardiovascular events.

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