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Hints for working on the assignment
Please read the assignment carefully and work on the topic in a targeted manner (recording the assignment). Please also follow the instructions and recommendations for scientific work.
The points are distributed according to the following evaluation scheme:
Introduction (15 points)
You lead to the problem in a structured and comprehensible way. The concrete goals of the work are formulated clearly and unambiguously. At the end of the introduction, you briefly describe the structure of the paper and your main points.
Quality of the treatment of literature (20 points)
You are expected to refer to relevant sources and legal texts beyond the study letters and to deal critically with the literature. Statements will be correctly substantiated.
Theoretical foundation and application part (40 points)
You deal intensively with the task. The reported state of knowledge is up-to-date. The relevant theory is presented in a structured and comprehensible manner as well as correctly in terms of content. In addition, you pay attention to an appropriate breadth and depth of the explanations and think beyond the contents of the study letters. At the end of the theory section, summarize the most important points and, if necessary, lead over to the application section.
The assignments include an application section in which you apply the theory you have developed to practice and justify your approach.
Discussion (15 points)
You critically examine and comment on the theory presented and your approach. The achievement of the objective is reviewed. A conclusion and outlook round off the paper.
Formalia (10 points)
Page size, layout, language style, spelling and grammar as well as the presentation elements used meet scientific requirements.

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