I need a response to my classmate below: Hello Class, What’s in It for Me? Now t

I need a response to my classmate below:
Hello Class,
What’s in It for Me?
Now that you have created a vision for your change initiative, it’s time to communicate it.
Vision Statement:
Bill to Cash Resource Management Transformation
Identify two different stakeholders from different departments who may have competing interests in the change initiative. As you think about possible conflicts, consider the give and take that sometimes occurs among product design, customer service, sales, finance, etc.
Resource Management (RM) directors from other legs of the business and Customer Service leadership. This transformation of the Finance RM team will change the partnerships with other teams. Regardless of the reason, this will cause conflict until the vision is communicated clearly and concisely (1). This could be a common conflict as the change is announced but if the message is crafted clearly and the possible conflicts vetted and addressed in the message (3).
Drawing on the “Key Elements in Effective Communication of a Vision” presented by Kotter in Chapter 6, develop a communication plan to support the vision for your change initiative that is appropriate for both stakeholders.
Simplicity: We will transform Finance RM organizational structure into a world-class model simplifying how we operate and provide services today (1).
Metaphor, Analogy, and Example: Today information and action traverses two team with divided goals and objectives, tomorrow information and actions will have a clear path from inception to application (1).
Multiple Forums: This change will be announced by executive leadership and followed up with stakeholder meetings and team meetings. Finance RM leadership will then take the lead in addressing stakeholder concerns and questions. The one RM team message will be delivered as often as possible in organizational meetings post the announcement and through regular communication channels (1).
Repetition: Outwardly the communication does not need to change as the core functions will remain the same but internally the message needs to be repeated often to the teams that we are now one RM team (1).
Leadership by Example: Team supervisors and leaders as well as the Sr. Manager of the RM will have to repeat and demonstrate the actions of a consolidated team that operates and communicates (1).
Explanation of Seeming Inconsistencies: Take time listen to and address any inconsistencies or perceived inconsistencies throughout the process. Do not let anything be ignored (1).
Give-and Take: Set up separate meetings or take time in existing interactions to allow feedback and collaborate on the changes at the front line and leadership level (1).
It will be key in this initiative that the guiding coalition keep a pulse on the communication needs to ensure all of the above elements are addressed and healthy as the plan/execution unfolds. The plan will be outlined in either Excel or Gsheet with dates, deliverables/topic, method of communication, to what channel, due date, and by whom (2).
The tools will be existing executive emails, conference calls, existing conference calls, team meetings, team emails, and team deliverables. Stakeholder communications will be delivered following the executive announcement email using the channels listed above.
John P. Kotter. 2012. Leading Change.
JWI555 Lecture Notes
Elsbeth Johnson. How to Communicate Clearly During Organizational Change. 2017.

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