how gender or sex, has a significant effect on other variables in the life of individual.

Write a 8 pages paper on how gender or sex, has a significant effect on other variables in the life of individual. Social status, health and family activities, and other demographic characteristics are highly dictated by the gender or sex of a person is. Differences in human behavior between the sexes are not established at the time of birth but are a result of societal norms.

Some of the demographic characteristics that I will examine include characteristics by education, income, ethnicity, race, region, sex. The results received from this study are shown on the tables that accompany this essay. I will base my comparative analysis on the IPSUMS and other samples of surveys that are available. In this essay, I will show how the prevalence of the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics differs about occupation and education in both genders and sexes. I will start with a background to some of these demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. I will then look at the results of specific tables all of which are attached to this essay.

Many countries including The United States, view women and men not equally at varied levels of the social group. From the lower ebb of the socio-economic lives, through the various institutions of society, to minority groups and as an identity, the two different genders are contrarily placed and rewarded with a huge disparity. More to say that gender disparity exists in our, social organization world over.

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Among some of the demographics that I will be comparing include education, income, ethnicity, race, region, and sex. According to the IPUMS, gender parity is seen to be more prevalent across all age groups studied. The studies however show that among the younger ages, sex differences and discrimination is more simply because parents are more guided by gender prejudices. (Pamuk)

A lot of debate is going on as to whether public school classrooms are preferable for either boys or girls. In fact, most studies have found that both girls and boys are not favored mainly because teachers do not understand gender or sex differences in the learning process.&nbsp. Boys and girls differ so much in their learning styles, this is mostly seen during the primary school-going age.

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