how autism affects perception through development.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic how autism affects perception through development. With the release of the DSM-V in 2013, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) became the umbrella name encompassing all the sub-categories. The revised classification provided mental health practitioners with a more inclusive point of reference, which removed the ambiguity resulting from the previous sub-categories. In addition, the term “spectrum” highlighted the fact that all autistics differ from each other, which means they are capable of displaying a range of positive and negative abilities concurrently. Two distinctions exist based on the cognitive abilities possessed by autistics, which include high-functioning autistics and low-functioning autistics. Genius is a term used to refer to the former and it encompasses all autistics that excel in visual skills, art, math, and music among other genres. Conversely, low-functioning autistics lack the ability to coordinate their actions, communicate their desires or needs, and are dependent on others on a daily basis. Discussed below are the possible causes of autism, its effect on perception throughout development, challenges, and possible interventions.


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