How any sensitive or confidential information is communicated and who must authorize this.

Assignment Deliverable Content:


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A project communications management plan describes in detail the types of communications that will take place in the project, and specifies forms to use for certain types of key project information that must be transferred among team members and to others involved in the project. The communications management plan should be written for the case problem. As the project manager, you will need to develop the policies and procedures for all means of communication across the project, taking into account the requirements for communicating with the sponsor, stakeholders, vendors, and project team. Package this document into a presentable format that could be issued to all team members, stakeholders, and the sponsor once approved.


The communications management plan should include:


1. Title Page (with your name)

2. Table of Contents

3. Description of “Who needs what communication, and by when or how often”

4. Description of “Who will produce this information for each of the above”

5. Determine the various technologies you will use to communicate for each of these, including:

a. Format of the information—communication systems or software to be used

b. Where forms or templates can be found by team members

c. Where copies of the official project records will be stored; who can access them

6. List communication constraints:

a. Your policy for confidential or restricted information

b. How do you define these and how should the team members handle such situations?

7. Your policy for communication outside the project team, stakeholders, and sponsor group

8. Include sample form templates as well as the instructions for using them for the following standard project management tools:

a. Status reporting

b. Change control

c. Issues management


The highest scores on this assignment will be for a practical project communications management plan containing information specific to this project’s requirements and deliverables, which name specific people and roles and address the practical communication requirements that exist for this project, demonstrating that you can produce a professional document. Assignments should not contain generic material imported from somewhere else, as this will not be appropriate for this situation and will lose points.


****PowerPoint to reference is attached****

Please use scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles

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