hesis and an outline on Boxing and Participation in Boxing Competitions

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Boxing and Participation in Boxing Competitions. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. There are a lot of perspectives that one can attain and learn from during these events. First, from the boxers, I have been able to learn new boxing skills, that together with my teammates, we have been able to put into practice for the benefit of our boxing.

By relating to the fans, one learns the techniques of identifying the winning teams. thus, form a formidable support and cheering team with the rest of fans. In reality, the beholding of the fans, chanting names of their best boxers, and booing the opponents are usually breath-taking and eye-catching to me considering the fact that the opposition only lasts as long as the matches last.

An individual also learns about the particulars involved in setting up and holding a successful boxing event. Organizers of these boxing events, whether at district, national or regional levels, have a preference for large venues that also take on the shape of amphitheaters as this presents all those in attendance, the precise view of the fights as they progress. The interior decorations of most stadiums are pictures and names of former boxing stars. thus, creating an ambient mood for boxing in itself.

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Success in boxing does not come easily since the sport requires a high degree of accuracy and timeliness in order to win. I got the privilege of attending a boxing event held in a state of the art gymnasium in our neighborhood and I was introduced to a group of dedicated fans and boxers. The group was very eager to have the time of their lives. All attendees formed a sporting family, united by their love for the game.

The gymnasium offers a spectacular location for the boxing event. For this particular occasion and game, especially since it was during the night, the venue was well decorated and lit with the bright luminous covering the entire box gym. The lighting was intended to enhance vision for both the boxers and the fans, while providing a reflection of the venue. Furthermore, a boxing arena must always be lit&nbsp.since. it provides a controlled environment so that the boxers do not injure their opponents in the matches.

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