Healthy Church and the Goal of Discipleship

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Healthy Church and the Goal of Discipleship. It needs to be at least 1750 words. A leader who makes ethical decisions is one that demonstrates normatively appropriate conduct through his actions and interpersonal relations with other members of the organization. They make decisions that aim to cater for the greater good of all organizational members. They conduct the decision-making process through two-way communication and reinforcement. Effective leaders normally conduct the decision-making process through social interactions with their followers.

According to Fisher and Francis, an ethical leader bears the characteristics of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. This also extends to the moral nature of a leader’s conduct.2 An ethical leader has a relatively larger potential to exert a positive influence on the moral behavior of followers. In fact, unethical leaders may have a counterproductive effect on the organization as a whole. This may be due to the fact such leadership entails establishing a good relationship between the organization and its followers. By so doing, they get to foster the moral attitudes of their followers by the setting clear moral standards, as well as expectations. For clients, trust encourages brand loyalty to an organization.

Moreover, they are also capable of establishing the appropriate ground rules for the subordinates. Johnson asserts that the notion of moral managers is set up on role modelling by taking visible actions and the use of discipline and rewards to strengthen values and ethics in the operation of the organization.3

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On the other hand, trust is deemed as an important component of successful working relationships between the organization team members. It breeds cooperation, in addition to helping the management to manage the differences that exist among employees. A leader that successfully manages to inculcate trust is at a good position for encouraging sharing of vital information pertaining to the organization.

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