Greenhouse Gas Emission the Greatest Contributor to the Climatic Changes.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Greenhouse Gas Emission the Greatest Contributor to the Climatic Changes. However, after being scattered or irradiated back from the surface of the earth, part of the outgoing radiation – inform of heat- escapes the planet while the greenhouse gases trap the other remaining portion. Therefore, the amount of energy trapped inside the earth is mainly dependent on the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Nature has its own means of creating a balance in the atmosphere. Thus, the natural greenhouse gas composition has relatively zero effect on climatic conditions of the earth’s surface. However, human activities such burning of fossil fuels, urbanization, industrialization, and structural change in agriculture and forestry, have contributed significantly to the uncontrollable levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (Baumann 1-2).

As a consequence of the anthropogenic production of greenhouse gases and environmental degradation, climate change and global warming has occurred. Climate change and global warming have been projected to be a threat to the survival or existence of all living organisms on the planet. This has prompted human beings to formulate mechanisms that can be used either to reverse or mitigate the current problem of climate change. One such mechanism that has been structured and adopted by many nations in response to the scientific findings that the earth is getting warmer and may lead to irreversible adverse impacts is the Kyoto Protocol (Baumann 1-5)

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Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement that was created to provide a framework for combating the problem of climate change and global warming. It aims at stabilizing the level of greenhouse gas, GHG, concentrations in the atmosphere, and the prevention of anthropogenic interferences with the climate (UNFCCC 1). Thus, the mission of the Kyoto Protocol is to cut down the emission of carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide, and ozone gases.

The Kyoto Protocol is built on principles, which are organized or labeled in a constitution-like fashion i.e. Articles. This set of articles act as rules and guidelines to the signatory countries.

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