Biographers identify the family home at Bridges Creek, near Potomac, in Westmoreland County as Washington’s birthplace (Thayer 7). Washington’s family had owned tobacco plantations and slaves and his father Augustine Washington had entered iron mining works. Washington was the “eldest son of Augustine Washington and his second wife, Mary Ball Washington, who were prosperous Virginia gentry of English descent ( It is a startling piece of information is that George Washington had not gained formal education and his informal education includes variety of subjects such as mathematics, the Classics, surveying, map making and the rules of civility.

After the death of his father George Washington went to live with his half brother Lawrence at Mount Vernon and Lawrence treated Washington as his son. Young Washington has six siblings including Lawrence, Samuel, Elizabeth, John Augustine and Charles. Lawrence had married to the great Fairfax family in Virginia and Lawrence’s care and moral support provided inspiration to young Washington’s life. The Virginians played a prominent and influential role in Washington’s life in developing a prolific career.

George Washington is widely accepted as the ‘father of his country’ and with his distinguished service as a military general contributed prolific victories for revolutionary army in independence struggle. Washington’s military service was not popularly appreciated because it lacked a series of conquests and large scale battles. Anyhow, Washington’s military career emphasised effective leadership, strategic, tactical expertise and trained. Washington’s early military life began in the French and English battle for capturing the control of the upper Ohio Valley (McJoynt). He had started his military career as a commander who led Virginian expeditions in the Western territory in 1754. After some minor

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