Gender and Leadership. Gender discrimination has long been an ever-present issue in the workplace.

Write 11 pages with APA style on Gender and Leadership. Gender discrimination has long been an ever-present issue in the workplace. Discrimination against women has been the dominant type of discrimination observed in the workplace, especially in terms of hiring, firing, as well as being promoted or considered for salary increases, relevant assignments, as well as management or leadership positions. Such discrimination has been founded on traditional roles expected for men and women with men traditionally attributed the breadwinner role and the women being attributed to the homemaker role. As such, the men have been expected to find work and earn for the livelihood of the family, and the women have stayed home, bearing children, caring for the immediate needs of the family. From the 1950s onwards, new trends were observed as women have been prompted by financial constraints to find work and also help sustain family needs. Such trends grew to more significant proportions, to the current trends which have now been observed in society. Men and women are now equally expected to find work, have careers, or simply work for themselves, not necessarily for their families. Regardless of the seeming egalitarian situation, such work conditions have created, issues on discrimination have still been observed. Moreover, such issues have also been very much apparent as far as leadership or managerial positions are concerned. The male: female ratio for managers in organizations very much favors more men occupying leadership roles. However, organizations are often quick to dismiss such trend, arguing that the difference is mainly caused by the fact that men are more interested in gaining managerial roles, and that women can have as much chance to be leaders much as men.


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