ge global: distinctive competence in the area of innovation

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on ge global: distinctive competence in the area of innovation Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! GE Global Research is one of the world leading industrial research and analytical centers, which offers ground-breaking technology for all GE’s businesses. Additionally, Global Research has been the foundation stone of GE technology for over 100 years, bringing advancements and modernisms in areas like energy generation technology, medical imaging, lighting, and jet engines. In addition, the head office of GE Global Research Corporation is located in Niskayuna and New York along with three other corporate management and organizing multidisciplinary facilities in Shanghai (China), Bangalore (India) and Munich (Germany). Moreover, more than 2800 researchers are working at GE Global Research Corporation, with the purpose of bringing the next technological advancements that will transform the environment of GE businesses. Furthermore, GE Global Research Corporation possesses a wide-ranging set of technology expertise varying from biosciences to computing, electronics to chemistry, materials to imaging, metallurgy to fluid mechanics and everything in between (General Electric Company, 2012).

Attaining a competitive edge over other competitors and distinctive position in the market and improving corporate performance in relation to its competitors are the major objectives that GE business especially wants to achieve. In this scenario, the competitive edge is an idea that turns out to be the main research area as far as strategic management is concerned. In order to strive successfully, organizational policies either locally or globally and standards must meet a long run policy as compared to policy formulation for a short term. Although this task is not simple to perform, in fact, it requires ample efficiency, detailed overview or regulations and comprehensive analysis of policies. Thus, in an attempt to compete and maintain effectively, locally and internationally, GE businesses should not simply do extremely well in their area but as well as continue in the long run. However, the accomplishment of such a “groundbreaking and sustainable competitive advantage” and market position is not possible without an appropriate road map or policy implementation. In addition, the competitive advantage is an outcome which is connected with a long list of contributing issues. These issues can occur due to mergers and acquisitions, operational efficiencies, levels of diversification, organizational structures, human resource administration, categories of diversification, higher management team composition and style, management of the political and social pressures on marketplace, global or cross-cultural behavior of expansion and adjustment, conformity to a variety of understandings of socially responsible behaviors, and a range of additional organizational and business level phenomena (Raduan, Jegak, Haslinda, & Alimin, 2009).&nbsp. &nbsp.

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