Frost Compare and contrast the speakers in “Mending Wall” and “Home Burial. ”How

Compare and contrast the speakers in “Mending Wall” and “Home Burial.
”How does each of these men understand the world around them?
The two figures in “Mending Wall” rebuild the wall in silence. What does their silence tell us about their relationship?
At the end of “Home Burial,” Amy appears ready to exit the house? Does she depart? Why or Why not.
How does the presentation of Moore’s poem—the ragged lines, the uneven breaks—shape our understanding of the poem?
How does Moore distinguish her work from the work of her predecessors like Dickinson and Whitman?
The poem is titled “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” How does this poem differ from what we usually consider the typical themes of a love song? Are there any similarities to a love song?
Eliot’s famous line, “Do I Dare Disturb the Universe,” has been seen as the central line in this poem. What is Prufrock referring to in this line? How could he disturb the universe?
How does cummings’s resistance to punctuation shape your understanding of this poem? Can you determine an internal structure in the poem that replaces the need for standard punctuation?
How does cummings’s poetry compare to other iconic American poets like Whitman or Williams? Is cummings’s rejection of punctuation and traditional forms part of the American quality of his poetry?
Analyze the ways in which cummings uses hyphenation and line breaks in “in Just-” to create a sense of overlapping time.

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Compare and contrast the speakers in “Mending Wall” and “Home Burial.
”How appeared first on essaysclick.

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