framework of an information system for healthcare services

Compose a 1500 words assignment on a framework of an information system for healthcare services. Needs to be plagiarism free! In the manual healthcare system, administration among clinicians is very poor. Admission of the sick is being done pointlessly in the health centre, undesirable drug reaction is taking place because clinicians are not aware of drugs prescribed, and several tests are being planned. The clinical error normally causes death and the document work done by the clinicians can simply be misplaced. Hospitals or clinics can implement the use of EHR technology. which will boost improvements in the wellbeing and safety of the patient (Carter, 2008).

The time that the patients and nurses spend filling paperwork and wait to be attended, can be reduced. The time is minimized by using the projected outline of an IT scheme. Also, the results from the labs will be delayed since they have to be scanned by the nurses and saved to the system. The insurance verification process will cause a delay because the biller has to make sure that insurance is correct, and the patient has the required authorization.

The proposed system has a major constraint which deals with information security. The susceptible data of the patient is dealt with great concern. Ethical issues associated with this kind of practice are constraints to the proposed system. The physician and the staff should have high morals and ethics while attending to the customers. They should stick to the strategy, rules and policy provided by the government and additional authorities (Weerasinghe, 2009).

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Data backup, levels of access to patients’ data and system login considered. The passwords should be good enough, and the system should not be accessible by an unauthorized person. A complex password will help to prevent hackers from hacking the system (Burgess, 2002). Any nurse login into the system to prescribe drugs to a patient should have permission from a physician. The type of codes and encoding language considered when designing the system.

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