Final Project: Myths influence our lives, by shaping an understanding of oursel

Final Project:
Myths influence our lives, by shaping an understanding of ourselves and our place in the world, including future expectations. As Ricoeur states, “Myth is the bearer of possible worlds.” Myth shows how storytellers and audiences—alongside teachers and students—are partners in the creation and perpetuation of the narratives that define their worlds. From this perspective, the study of myth can also be transformative in providing students with the ability to sense, to decode, and to reuse storytelling to understand and act as participants in their own world.
Who tells what story has a profound effect on the choices we can make in our lives and the roles we think we may play in the world. In this course we have focused on the variability and reception of myth, and as such this final assignment will ask students to retell stories from Ancient Greece from their own perspectives (meaning individual, temporal, cultural etc.) as part of a practice of reclaiming discourse and learning how to receive and adapt paradigmatic narratives for new purposes.
Written Component Requirements:
Rewrite a classical myth, by either introducing a new variant that changes the narrative to make it applicable to different audiences/agencies, or adapting it contextually to a different culture and time (preferably our own). The rewritten narrative should be 3-4 pages minimum (5-6 pages max).
Self-reflective evaluative essay: In addition to the creative component of rewriting a classical myth, a 3-4 page minimum (5–6 page max) self-reflective essay is also required: (1) identifying the specific sources you adapted, (2) isolating and explaining the creative choices you made, and (3) discussing any challenges or limitations or new discoveries you encountered when completing the project.
Secondary Source Requirements: One of the following articles must be utilized in a discussion of your chosen myth (to count as one secondary source).
Armstrong: “What is a Myth?”
Vernant: “The Reason of Myth”
Ricoeur: “Myth as the Bearer of Possible Worlds”
de Vries: The Pattern of an Heroic Life
Johnston: “The Original Nasty Woman”
In addition to the above, at least one other secondary source journal article (scholarly, peer-reviewed) is required.
Formatting Requirements:
(6-12 double-spaced pages)
Bibliography and cover page required
Chicago style citations

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