: Feedback on the Significance of Jerusalem.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Feedback on the Significance of Jerusalem. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

The video does provide an accurate and perfect historical feedback to the viewers about the importance of Jerusalem in the eyes of Jews, Christians and Muslims. This is so because questions were asked from the representatives of all the three Abrahamic religions, therefore, all of them exposed the importance of Jerusalem according to their own religious beliefs. This gave an opportunity to the viewers to have a quick look into the viewpoint of all the three religions without any prejudice. As every respondent has discussed the importance of Jerusalem according to his own religious beliefs therefore the chances of presence of any kind of prejudice have been eliminated totally.

All the followers of the three religions were given an equal opportunity to participate and share their beliefs and views with the audience. Peter Jennings considers himself to be a secular journalist. therefore he has given full freedom to all respondents to express their opinions in his documentary movie.The role played by the religion in the politics of a region is directly associated with the history of that particular region. In the Middle East, the role of religion in politics is considered to be implanted in the structure of the region.

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The main fact behind this is that the ancestor of all three religions emerges from the Middle East.Judaism originating some four millennia ago is considered to be the first religion to profess beliefs in God. The Jews believe that the land of the Middle East was granted to them by Jehovah and should be recovered from the people of other beliefs. They are of believing that they are the “chosen one” by God. hence the religion has a centric place in their lives, businesses and politics. According to the Christian perception, Christianity was also born in the Middle East.

Jerusalem and other Middle East regions are considered to be the habitat of Jesus and his followers. Muslims also perceived the Middle East to be the first region from where the teachings of Islam started to spread, and they consider the Middle East to be their primary cultural and political centre.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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