Family Grief Worksheet

Topic 6 Family Grief Worksheet

Directions: In the table below, differentiate the types of care needed for the family members identified who have lost a (Child/Spouse/Father). Include three to four scholarly references to support your responses.

There is no scenario or scenarios to work off of.  Thus, you have the freedom to choose your approach.  For example, choose a stage of grief that the mother of a deceased person might be going through.  Provide a brief description of the loss. Describe the stage in detail.  How might this stage of grief impact other family members?  Give one or two examples. Finally, provide a discussion on the care intervention appropriate to the stage of grief.  Use this approach for each of the bereaved individuals.  There is a lot of flexibility and even creativity in this assignment.

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Finally, try not to use the same stage of grief for each person.  Choose a different one for each and for a more well-rounded analysis.

Provide the following information in each column of the worksheet for each family member:

  1. Grief stage each individual is experiencing. (Column 2)
  2. Identify at least two thoughts on how this stage impacts each family member. (Column 3)
  3. Identify and describe at least three types of care interventions that are needed for each family member. (Column 4)

Part 2: Family Grief Care Interventions Essay

Following the completion of the Family Grief Worksheet, write a 500-750-word paper on what approach the professional should take in communicating and utilizing the identified care interventions with each family member.

Discuss how the tasks of grieving within a family unit is different than that of an individual.

Provide at least three scholarly references to support your writing.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA 

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