Evaluation and Review of Development Journey.

Need help with my writing homework on Evaluation and Review of Development Journey. Write a 2000 word paper answering; I am pursuing a course in Civil Engineering and on the pathway to achieve the goals. I have conducted a personal SWOT analysis and I know where I need to improve. Therefore, I have a plan to conduct different activities towards overcoming the weaknesses as well as the threats. Some of the activities in the line include networking, applying for jobs, developing CV, and volunteering

It is the desire of every student to have a promising career immediately after finishing their first degree in university or college. However, some manage to meet these goals while others fail due to different factors. The few who manage to accomplish their goals of getting a well-paying job do so because of their early preparedness towards the sector of choice.&nbsp.

I have engaged in many activities since I joined this college to pursue a course in civil engineering. I have met challenges in the process of my studies to become stronger and to develop my goals. I have realized the importance of CPD because it is the path to one’s success in the corporate world. Similarly, it enables an individual to have prior experiences and the jobs or sectors’ demands (Tatum 2011). Therefore, I believe the activities I have engaged in are important towards making me realize my career goals as well as my life achievements. The following table shows the activities I have involved in since I entered this learning institution.

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There are competitions in the corporate world ranging from business opportunities to graduates seeking employment. This has made many people lose opportunities due to intense competition witnessed. However, there are those who manage to get employment from their first interview and this may be attributed to many factors. Individuals SWOT analysis is a primary factor in getting employment opportunities as well as heightening one’s career. I believe am also well-positioned to get employed at the first interview because my SWOT is okay with the profession I am engaged in.&nbsp.

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