effective working relationships in engineering construction.

Compose a 3500 words assignment on effective working relationships in engineering construction. Needs to be plagiarism free! Sometimes you have to work with someone you don’t like. But it’s essential that you maintain a professional relationship with them. When this happens, you have to make an effort to get to know the person. First, you have to improve the relationship by engaging them in a genuine conversation or by inviting them out for lunch.

Every employee is responsible for passing information to the necessary workmate within the shortest time possible especially if the information in the discussion is work relate and improves business performance. However, workmate need to relate and communicate professionally on one term to create a good working environment and enhance operation hence improved performance

Every employee has the responsibility of ensuring the working place is safe for others and subsequent workers. Therefore every person should be safety conscious and remove any workplace hazard they notice. At the same time as each employee engage in any duty, it is necessary to ensure any third party is aware and at a safe distance. To work safely the employee should ensure:-

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The main requirement of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations is that employers must carry out risk assessments to eliminate or reduce risks. Employers with five or more employees need to record the significant findings of a risk assessment. It also requires employers to meet minimum standards in relation to a wide range of matters, which include: maintenance of buildings and equipment, lighting, provision of drinking water, temperature, rest facilities, AND ventilation.

1.2 Explain the consequences for employers and employees of not fulfilling their legal health and safety responsibilities: Failure to adhere to the normal basic health and safety procedure at the workplace normally leads to accidents, hazards, and property losses that can affect everyone in the workplace. The employer&nbsp.is far at much more risk since the cost of compensation is huge and in some cases, they get sued for negligence.

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