educating women of their psychology

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on educating women of their psychology Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Such diversity serves to widen perspectives to contribute to a general science of Psychology. “A study of human behavior requires first and foremost a study of the social contexts within which people move, the expectations as to how they will behave, and the authority which tells us who they are and what they are supposed to do.” (Weisstein, 1992, para 1)

Women, specifically, have various issues: their ongoing conflict with men in terms of expectations and roles in society. mothering. life-work balance. career. gaining and maintaining significant relationships with both men and women, sexuality. oppression and dominance, and many more. These may be further dissected into the cultural background. family upbringing. personality differences, etc. The list may go on and on, adding to the depth of the module specifically designed for women themselves.

Understanding women entails empathizing with their particular situations. A battered wife, for instance, who chooses to stay in the dysfunctional relationship may be easily judged as weak in character, however, one needs to take into consideration her past patterns of behavior, motivations, and principles. A feminist course may help enlighten such a woman about her options and empower her to choose the ones that will take her out of the abusive situation.

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Feminist theorists propose that the empowerment and solidarity among women, as well as the promotion of equality of the sexes, leads to better conditions for women (Harlan, 1998). Increasing awareness concerning the personal and social impact of a male-dominated world cause women to better differentiate what is healthy from unhealthy behavior helping women to have personal freedom and make appropriate choices with regards to their lives (Prochaska & Norcross, 1999).

More vigilant in the area of the Psychology of Women is Feminist Psychology which pushes women out of their comfort zone to confront&nbsp.the realities that affect women and advocate for their rights.&nbsp. The longstanding matter of male superiority over females is wildly contested.&nbsp. Such power oppresses women, hence millions of cases of violence against women come up every year. Weisstein further argues: “As long as men have power over women, our gender oppression will continue. As feminists, we need to oppose male power in all its cultural, institutional, situational, interpersonal, and psychological forms. As feminist psychologists, we need to understand how resistance arises and the circumstances under which it is effective.” (Weisstein, 1992, para 6).

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