Each answer should be roughly 1.5 double-spaced pages (Times New Roman 12). Note: there are to be no spaces between paragraphs, and only one space between answers. Please do not title your answers or rewrite the questions you’re answering. Instead, label each answer according to the number of the question you’re answering. Be sure to address each part of the questions you answer. Each answer must include multiple direct citations of the Valberg text. There is no need for a bibliography or works cited page. Simply place the page number for the citation in parentheses as illustrated here: “Suppose there is an afterimage in your experience” (52). No direct citations of more than four full lines of text may be included in your answers.
1. Valberg thinks we are disturbed by death because something that is mine will cease to be when I die. He calls what ceases to be with death the “subject matter of death.” What does Valberg think the subject matter of death is? After naming this subject matter, try to describe what it is. Finally, explain the arguments Valberg gives that the subject matter of death is not “E,” i.e. the set of essential life processes. [see especially 8.4 & 8.1].
2. Explain the difference between the “phenomenal” and the “horizontal” conceptions of mind (or experience; or consciousness). [see especially 8.3].
3. With reference to time and causation, explain why the fact that I will die is “impossible.” [see especially 11.3 & 11.4]
4. Find a citation from Heidegger’s Being and Time that you think Valberg disagrees with. First, reproduce the passage and provide the page reference. Second, provide a citation from Valberg that you think demonstrates his disagreement. Third, in three to five sentences, explain what they are disagreeing about. (this question does not need to be a page long just needs to be answered).
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at any time thank you and hope you have a wonderful day…

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