Document Interpretation 1 Upload.

Write 2 pages with APA style on Document Interpretation 1 Upload. DOCUMENT INTERPRETATION Jacques Cartier set sail in 1534 with other 61 men in two ships from St. Malo inBrittany. Jacques had been commissioned by France leader, king François to a mission to look for a passage to Cathay, either through or around the new world. On failure to find a way, then Jacques was supposed to look for wealth, more specifically gold, as had been found in south America by the by the Spanish. This paper explores some of the events encountered by Jacques in the journey including people he met as well as other things that took place.

On 7th July, Jacque sailed past Baie de Chaleur where encountered a fifty canoes fleet field with the Micmac natives. According to the story teller, those Natives looked much exited. They danced and signaled the strangers to come to their home. This shows that these natives were friendly and were willing to make friends with strangers whom toured their land. Despite their hospitality, Jacque did not trust them. This is symbolized by the fact that he was afraid to go to their home because his crew had only one boat. May be he was afraid since they had no back up and things could go wrong. The Natives did not let go and made sure that they followed them. They were exited and very happy indeed to have seen the strangers. According to the writer, the Natives showed that they were in need of their friendship. Jacques shot at them and they were afraid since that was strange to them, hence the fled (Sympatico).

Jacques and his crew slowly learned how friendly the Natives were. They got closer and closer to them as time went by and soon they were exchanging goods. skins for metallic goods among other goods. After all, the wild people were not such bad people. Despite that they did not have much to offer, they could offer everything that they had. Jacques admired their hospitality and even that he could convert them to his religion. The only problem is that what the wild people offered for trade was of no value (Wisconsin Historical Society).

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Later, Cartier erected a 30 foot wooden cross which had a fleur-de-lys shieldas well as plaque with “Vive-le Roi- de France” which means “long live the king of France,” which had been engraved in it as well as knelt in prayer. Donnacona became upset with the fact that his land was being taken away from him and his people. He showed signs that the land belonged to his people. However, Cartier lied to him that this cross was just a marker of the way and since Donnacano could not read what had been written, Cartier managed to trick him in this way (Sympatico). Again Cartier took two of his sons hostage pretending that it was a show of good faith to travel with Donnacona’s sons back home. He lied that his intent was to take the two young men to France only to prove that there was a new world (Wisconsin Historical Society).


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