Discussion on Three-Level Database Architecture.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Three-Level Database Architecture. Your paper should be a minimum of 3000 words in length. In the past, DBMSs were considered amongst the initial multi-user server systems to be built, and thus they provided excellent support for the new developments in the form of latest systems design methods for consistency and scalability which are widely used in a number of other areas. Though, up till now a large number of researches have been carried out to propose new algorithms as well as determine the efficiency of existing algorithms for databases. However, not many researchers have taken into consideration the design and architecture of databases.&nbsp.

Database management systems are believed to be mission-critical and complex software applications and tools. At present, modern DBMSs exemplify decades of educational and industrial research as well as influential business software development. In view of the fact that database systems were amongst the initial well developed web-based server applications, hence they are considered a significant part of most of the design solutions on both sides of not simply data administration, however as well systems, networked services and operating systems. Additionally, the initial database management systems are considered amongst most powerful software applications and tools in the history of computer science, that’s why the ideas and theories invented for DBMSs are extensively copied and followed in other disciplines of computer science (Hellerstein, Stonebraker, and Hamilton. Hoffer, Prescott, and McFadden).


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