Discussion on the use of memory.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on the use of memory. Needs to be plagiarism free! A time comes where there will be the need to access and refer to such memories. The procedure also has unwanted side effects, including unintentional erasure and memory loss. The procedure involves using a medical drug called propranolol, approved by the FDA (Kolber 1563). It suppresses the emotional disturbance after medication within six hours after the event. However, the President Council on Bioethics (PCB) has a different opinion concerning the use of propranolol and memory altering medication (Kolber 1569). It raises various concerns regarding ethics violations on the issue, which this paper will reflect.

The use of memory dampeners to suppress emotional pain and erase unwanted memories proves a great success in medics. However, some people and organizations see it as a breach of ethics in society. Such an organization is the President Council on Bioethics (PCB). It stresses other forms of medication, such as working the patient through the disturbing memory until the conflicting issue resolves—many legal restrictions base on the issue of memory dampening. Nevertheless, PCB raises its concern with the ethics of these medical procedures.

A major concern on memory dampeners’ ethicality is that it damages and dehumanizes human psychology affecting their minds hence disturbing the quality of their lives. It refers to the previous memory analysis as being adaptive. It stresses that pharmaceuticals’ use to dampen memory releases the mind from its environmental connection with the real world. This results in the loss of the patient’s sense of identity under medication (Kolber 1596). It considers this highly among its prudent ethical concerns as it inhibits the individual from living a healthy and normal life making it less meaningful.

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PCB claims that the use of medication in memory-dampening is a cheap solution to the problem. The individual needs to face their emotional pain&nbsp.and terms it as an easy way to avoid distress by helping them flee emotional pain.

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