Discussion on The science that studies the chemical and physical properties of metals is Metallurgy.

Need an research paper on gas adaptor examination. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. The science that studies the chemical and physical properties of metals is Metallurgy. It refers to the procedures used in extracting metals from ore, as well as to the processes related to metals purification and alloy production. It is divided into two subtypes: the Process metallurgy and Physical metallurgy. Process metallurgy refers to the ways in producing metals like its refining process through electrolysis or selective oxidation of impurities. On the other hand, Physical Metallurgy studies the structure of metals based on their composition and treatment. It is also concerned with the scientific principles and engineering applications employed in metals fabrication and treatments, and how metal products hold up under their industrial usages.

Component manufacturers a lot much of their time in the study what type of material is best suited for a certain Products. Every little aspect of the materials is a great issue for them because they want their products to be well-equipped for any possible things to happen. They are also concerned about the safety and satisfaction of the Customers. The limitation of their products must be properly stated because they are held liable for whatever accident that might happen in using their products.

To perform the said study, we investigate and examined the metallurgy of a gas adaptor (Industrial component). We use gas adaptor as our material because we usually noticed that it is always exposed to heat and by this, we are curious about its composition. We are also concerned with the manufacturing processes of this component on how it comes up to a finished product.

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This study will enrich our understanding with the proper ways and methods in identifying certain components, not only of its physical appearance but its chemical composition and capability for a certain application.

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