Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Psychological Cycle of Battered Women. Further statistics have indicated that 34% of all the female homicide victims are killed by their close or intimate partners, while only 37% of all rape incidences are reported to the police, meaning that the USA women rape victims could be double or triple the 22 million figure reported to the police (fbi.gov, n.p.). Thus, this discussion seeks to analyze the psychological cycle of battered women, with a view to establishing the nature of reasoning and justification at each stage, understand the psychological, emotional and physical state of the battered women, and finally shed light on why the battered women stay in the abusive relationships until it is too late. Nevertheless, it can easily be concluded that the physical, emotional and psychological health of battered women is already devastated by the time they choose to leave an abusive relationship, due to the persistence behavior of the battered women, who insist on staying in the abusive relationship hoping that things will change.

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