Discussion on the history of the soviet and russian space exploration.

Need an research paper on the history of the soviet and russian space exploration. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. Man has had an interest in space since time immemorial but the dream of space travel could only be satisfied when advances in rocket technology could make this dream possible (RussianSpaceWeb. com, “Pre-20th Century Developments”). Russia had established a rocket production plant as early as 1861 and Nikolai Ivanovich Kibalchich (1854 – 1881), a revolutionary who was to hang for his involvement in the assassination of Emperor Alexander II, had proposed the idea of slowly burning explosives as being useful for aeronautical applications. Thus, interest in space exploration had been present in Russia before the twentieth century but the practical realization of dreams could only be fulfilled because of advances in physics, chemistry, and aeronautics, which were supported by economic development. Russia’s space exploration program was to receive a boost from efforts made in Germany to design long-range rockets during the Second World War (Harvey, “Russian Planetary Space Exploration” pp. 17 – 35). On May 4, 1945, Russian troops had occupied the German rocket research center at Peenemünde and this led to efforts directed towards improving on German rocket technology and incorporating the results in Russian technology (Chertok, pp. 1 – 15). Later, in 1950, a team led by Sergei Korolev was to study a multi-stage version of the R-3 rocket that was capable of launching a satellite into space and this was a departure from German efforts. However, Russian efforts to develop technology for long-range space exploration were not easy and it was difficult to tame the Molniya and Proton upper stages (Harvey, “Russian Planetary Space Exploration” pp. 17 – 35). A long journey was to be undertaken before the development of the Mir space station was possible and efforts continue to keep the dream alive and to expand the frontiers.

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