Discussion on the age of stupid by franny armstrong.

Write a 1 page paper on the age of stupid by franny armstrong. Since the director has left the theme too implicit, a common man, with no idea of climate change, will not understand the struggles of the oil geologist and the Nigerian woman, or what effect flying will affect the environment when the film shows an entrepreneur of a low-priced jet introduction in India. A man, looking at a great tower in 2055, observes that there is no ice in his era because all of the polar caps have melted. London has gone under water. Vegas has turned into a desert. Sydney is on fire. Everything is a wreck. In short, the Age of Stupid is a wakeup call for everyone living today, informing the viewer in a depressing tone what the environment will be like in future if we do not try to take steps to encounter the climate change and global warming.&nbsp.

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