Write 5 pages with APA style on The Act of Writing in the Age of Numbers. Numbers do not always necessarily indicate the relevance of an article and as a result, I agree with Marche that there is a need of being indifferent to the numbers in a text.

Numbers are not directly connected to the quality of an article but are mainly determined by the person, firm, or organization that has written the article. Characteristics such as the popularity of the person or organization, social status, career among other factors usually influence the numbers. This is because the majority of the people are not always rational and often base their decisions on emotions, their relationship with the author, and selfish personal reasons among other factors. Therefore it is possible to have an article that is of poor quality and that is not relevant to the subject of discussion attracting large numbers. For example, a post by a celebrity over social media may draw a lot of feedback from the followers yet it is irrelevant and at the same time, a post by an unpopular person may attract very few responses despite the fact that it may be of high quality.

Numbers usually portray an image that is not always true about the respective piece of work which is temporary and which lingers on the mind of the reader for the time the work is under discussion by the majority of the people. Once the period bypasses people will always tend to forget the numbers that were attached to the piece of writing and if the article was irrelevant they will forget almost everything about it. This is contrary to when a piece of writing is relevant since it will convey the truth regarding the subject area of the discussion regardless of the corresponding numbers. This is because truth has a tendency of remaining in the minds of people for a very long time and possibly over a lifetime. Therefore, there is a need for readers in this generation to be indifferent to the numbers in a text since there is a high possibility that they may be deceptive. For example, an email may attract a wide pool of responses and it may appear to be relevant for a short time, but if the content was irrelevant within a period of two months it will be forgotten. A good case is an email made by a popular politician about mere politics which does not hold any water which lasts for two days and it is forgotten completely.

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