Discussion on self-esteem in the growth and development of an individual

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on self-esteem in the growth and development of an individual Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Self-esteem or self-concept describes the thoughts that an individual has on his or herself. In this case, the concept can be defined as the negative or positive evaluations that an individual often makes on himself. In this case, the concept is brought out clearly as the important evaluative dimension of an individual. this includes feelings of pride, worthiness, discouragement, and other normal emotions in the life of an individual. It is important to note that self-esteem is closely linked to the concept of self-consciousness.

According to the way self-esteem is applied in social psychology, it represents a disposition that is exhibited by an individual, showing his own judgments of himself in terms of his general worth and abilities.

Literature Review

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Many kinds of research have been conducted on the concept of self-esteem, indicating how effective the concept is in influencing an individual’s worth in society. Many people have been affected by feelings of low self-image, just because they did not understand how to improve their self-image in public.

According to Arens, Young & Hesselhorn (2013), self-esteem is a very essential concept in the life of an individual. It determines the manner and extent to which he interacts with other people in his immediate environment. This is very important in the achievement of set goals and objectives in the life of a particular individual.

In this case, self-esteem has to be emphasized in people in their process of growth and development. This can be achieved through schools and the social institutions in which people meet to deliberate on various ideas. Self-esteem is an important concept as far as leadership development and skills in an individual are concerned. People that have strong self-worth are often good leaders. these people possess the needed skills to influence people in certain ways to achieve set goals and objectives.

Arens, Young & Hesselhorn (2013) developed their research question on the perceived significance of self-esteem in the leadership aspects of people. It has used the primary research qualitative methods in analyzing the influence of self-esteem in leadership and people management.

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