Discussion on Season of Migration to the North.

Need help with my writing homework on Season of Migration to the North. Write a 1500 word paper answering; In a classic research design, there are two comparable groups. One is a control group and the second is an experimental group. The randomization of the groups ensures the authenticity of the comparative data. The three components of a research design are control, comparison, and manipulation during the course of the experiments and there a search carried out. The importance of the covariance, time order, and non -spurious results is that the variables cannot be proved by a third entity. The variables that are involved in the research design are related to the research experiment. The time order is important as it confirms that the order in which the independent variable occurred was before the dependent variable in the control group. (Lynch, 1982)

Casual research is conducted to understand the nature of the relationships between cause and effect. Experiments are the primary data collection method and the nature of causality relies on assessing the impact of changes in set criteria or a set norm. Experiments are the most popular method of casual research. A researcher knows when causation occurs because of the changes in the set norms of the experiments. The internal validity of causal inferences can be controlled by randomization, control, and matching. (Linclon, 1986)

The manipulated variable is the most important factor in research designs. There is normally just one or two manipulated variables. The importance of manipulation is that a researcher can study the impact of changes in the environmental factors that can show the effects on the manipulated variables. Examples are” Fertilizers being tested on fruit and plants, temperature changes being studied in a seedling, the final outcome from grafting one type of fruit with another and many such experiments. (Dipboye, et al, 1979)

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Internal validity is seen as how well an experiment has been conducted and whether the manipulation of the researcher created the difference in the patterns or whether it was other factors that brought about the changes that have been observed.

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