Discussion on Scottish Nationalism and National Identity.

Write 10 pages with APA style on Scottish Nationalism and National Identity. Patriotism is a construct that involves personal behavior and social conditioning that ardently supports the state’s actions and decisions. From a sociological or political perspective, the basis and origin of nationalism can be analyzed in two main approaches. The Primordial approach describes nationalism as the reflection of the perceived and ancient evolutionary tendency of people to organize themselves into groups based on the affinity of birth. On the other hand, the modern approach describes nationalism as a recent phenomenon that will require the structural conditioning of a modern society in order to exist (Henderson, 2007). The Engaged theory, however, from an alternative perspective argues that the subjective reach and contents of nationalism, which is modern, greatly depend on the primordial sentiments. There are various brands of definitions that can be used to explain what a nation constitutes. Every definition would result in a different strand of nationalism.


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