Write a 6 pages paper on race and justice department. According to the evidence which was collected by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, at least in the previous decade, there was a trend when African Americans as well Hispanic offenders constituted over two-thirds of those who were arrested (Motivans, 2015). In spite of the fact that the above-mentioned groups belong to minorities in terms of representation in the population, they outnumber whites in terms of incarceration.

In addition to that, the information which was released by the bureau in question also shows that these two minority groups have the highest rate of return: roughly nineteen and a half percent of African American offenders released from prisons return to in the first three years. the number for Hispanics is slightly smaller – fourteen percent (Motivans, 2015).

Now, it may be particularly important to analyze some of the variables that should be taken into account while examining the data concerning minorities in the justice system of the United States of America. To begin with, one should point out that there is a peculiar finding that can be seen in the statistics: if one takes a look at the demographics of the arrested individuals by drug type, one can not help noticing that African Americans outnumber any other part of the population when it comes to offenses connected with crack cocaine. The ratio in comparison with the white is 10 to 1 (Motivans, 2015).

The next important aspect that one should focus on is the institute of parole and the way it affects the minorities. The statistic shows that the number of African Americans on parole is compared to the number of their white counterparts as 2 to 1 (Motivans, 2015). This means that the former has more chances to return to prison because of various violation that is associated with it. Indeed, it was found that African Americas are almost twice as&nbsp.likely to use drugs while being on parole as whites (Motivans, 2015). In addition to that, the probability that a black person is likely to violate the rules of parole while committing a new crime is even higher: two and a half times more than whites.

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