Discussion on Pop Culture Ads Authenticity

Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic Pop Culture Ads Authenticity. This ad above is to promote a new car model for the brand Subaru. We all know that the car brand is known for its ic style, strength, and sturdiness. This time, only, it is just redefined through a different look and added features that will fit people’s lifestyle today. Though it did not really mention the specific enhancements done on their new model, it did not exaggerate or claimed anything beyond what the product really is.

This second print ad is to advertise a new line of fragrance from Gucci. It has been known to be a prestigious brand not only because of its high-end quality of perfumes but at the same time the exclusivity of the brand as it only targets a certain market who can afford these kinds of perfume they make. However, in this ad, it strongly implies or sells love and lust which is very misleading to the audience.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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