Discussion on outdoor play in terms preschool and kindergarten programs.

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic outdoor play in terms preschool and kindergarten programs. To avoid this, parents should encourage their children to take part in outdoor games and activities.

Outplay in daycare, preschools, and kindergarten centers should not be abolished because of the numerous benefits that it confers to young children. They help children participate in physical activities, which are necessary for the proper development of their minds and fitness of their bodies (Sheridan & Samuelsson, 2001). Clinical psychologists emphasize that children should actively participate in outdoor games since this participation enhances their cognitive development.

Daycare, preschool, and kindergarten are centers that train young children within the age of three years, which are the early years that require effective settings for proper development. As Sheridan & Samuelsson (2001) note, many scholars observe that outplay games are essential and important to young children. It helps learners, who in this case are the young children, to build the confidence, the knowledge, and many skills that will later help them as they grow up. The reasons that support this argument are discussed below.

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Play, according to Debra & Sandra (2003), can be said to be that activity where healthy and young children participate with so much fun and enthusiasm. Children find playing games to be much fun and their playing is without dreading or fearing the consequences of the games. Research has shown that teachers view play and games that children like as activities that have a positive value to the player and are self-motivated, such that children are not forced to play but play willingly. Therefore, teachers find games that favor children, rather than the games that impose adult values, so that they do not change the much-intended nature of play.

According to Sandberg (2001), children’s games should possess some characteristics so that they become fun and children enjoy them. Games played by young children should be involved, light, and brisk ones, for example, where children are expected to act as butterflies so that there are many movements and children do not get bored. The games also employ a piece or pieces of equipment like play blocks. Fun and absence of seriousness in playing the games by the children should be seen as playing that involves singing a silly song.

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