Discussion on non functional requirements for an sms customer relation service.

Compose a 500 words assignment on non functional requirements for an sms customer relation service. Needs to be plagiarism free! Non-Functional Requirements Affiliation Non-Functional Requirements It is imperative that any relation service system should have non-functional requirements together with their testing. The first non-functional key that all users must have is the availability. The availability of the system, also known as the uptime refers to the actual amount of time that a system is available or in use by the users. Knowing the time a system is available is important because some systems have distinctive designs with an expected downtime for activities such as database upgrade together with backups. The hours of operation must take into consideration the weekends, all maintenance schedules as well as public holidays. Availability also ensures that the system has a relevant location of operation that meets the relevant connection requirements. Besides, the availability component denotes the percentage of time in which the system is up and must be running correctly (Bochmann, 2009).


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