Discussion on Marine Biology.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Marine Biology. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Just like any other mammal, whales inhale air into their lungs through blowholes at the top and they breastfeed their young ones called calves. Furthermore, they are warm-blooded and have scanty hair. They have streamlined bodies just like fish that make them easily cruise through deep waters with minimal resistance and friction. Their forelimbs assume the peddle shape for propulsion through water. Enormous propulsion power is derived from a combined effort the fore limbs and the tail flukes. They communicate through variety of sounds. Furthermore, they are considered the noisiest animals living today. Whales are classified in several species basing on their physical and feeding characteristics. They include. blue whale, gray whale, bowhead whale, minke whale, narwhal whale, pilot whale, sperm whale and beluga whale.

Bowhead whale has an average length of 14-15 meters with females being larger than males, weighing 50-60 tones. They are skim feeders preying on copepods and krill. This species migrates Northwards during spring and Southwards during autumn. They are largely found in the circumpolar high altitudes of the Northern Hemisphere.

North Atlantic right whale. this is a skim feeder preying on copepods measuring 13.5-17 meters long and weight ranging 40-80 tones. They are found in Western North Atlantic and Fundy Bay during summer, in spring they are found in Cape Cod having their main breeding grounds in Florida during winter. They oscillate between lower-latitude breeding zones in winter to high-latitude feeding grounds during summer.

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Gray whale. they have average length of 13-14 meters, weighing 14-35 tones and are bottom feeders preying on benthic amphipods. They are found in the North Pacific Ocean and migrate between lower-latitude breeding zones in winter to high-latitude feeding hubs in summer.

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